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Effie - Rosie

Effie - Rosie

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The pinnacle in a baby changing bag offering both versatility and convenience, we present - The Effie Collection. A selection of large-capacity baby changing backpacks offering the convenience of having all your baby's essentials in one place. The multiple compartments and pockets allow easy organisation and quick access to everything you need.


  1. Three independent baby bottle bins: This feature ensures that your baby's bottles are always readily available, organized, and hygienic, which is especially important when you're on the go.

  2. 360-degree heat preservation: With this feature, you can keep your baby's food and drinks at the perfect temperature for extended periods, making it easier to travel and run errands without worrying about your baby's feeding schedule.

  3. Waterproof heat preservation and effective isolation: These features protect against spills and leaks while protecting your baby's food and drinks from external elements.

  4. Clean and hygienic: The design of this backpack helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene, with features such as independent wet tissue openings and easy-to-clean materials.

  5. Large-capacity design: The multi-partition storage and multi-pocket partitions ensure enough space to store your baby's essentials, making it perfect for extended trips and outings.

  6. Convenient rear opening design: The independent opening on the back of the backpack allows easy access to bottom items, making it easier to grab things quickly without taking everything out of the bag.

  7. Great use of small accessories: This backpack is designed to handle small accessories, making it perfect for travelling and shopping. With this feature, you won't have to worry about carrying multiple bags for your baby's essentials.

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