About us

At Little Pickles Bag, we understand the challenges and joys of parenthood. We believe that being a parent shouldn't mean compromising on convenience or style. That's why we offer versatile bags designed specifically for parents with babies or children.

Our mission is to empower parents with a versatile and functional bag that enhances their everyday parenting experience. We strive to provide high-quality bags that cater to the unique needs of parents with babies or children, providing them with the convenience, organisation, and peace of mind they deserve.

Our bags go beyond expectations, providing a range of features that simplify and streamline parenting on the go. From the dedicated section for bottles to the included changing mat, stroller straps, wet bag, and convenient dispenser for wipes, we aim to provide comprehensive solutions that make parenting easier and more enjoyable.

We believe in the importance of quality, durability, and attention to detail. Using premium materials and industry expertise, our focus on sustainability drives us to incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials, ensuring that the bags we offer contribute to a better world for future generations.


We are committed to building a trusted and reliable brand that parents can depend on. By consistently delivering innovative and practical solutions, we aim to become an essential part of every parent's journey. Through our dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, we strive to offer products that exceed expectations and inspire confidence in our customers.

At Little Pickles Bag, we understand first hand the busy lives of parents. We aim to be there for you every step of the way, providing you with the tools needed to navigate the adventure of parenting with ease and style. Together, we can embrace the journey, make cherished memories, and create a world where parenting is a joyful and fulfilling experience.